My Favourite Mac Lipsticks!!

I am not really Brand conscious, but I will make a exception with Mac products. The first Mac lipstick I ever got was a birthday gift from my friend M. 

Since that day, my collection has been increasing steadily.

Here in the video is a list of my favourite Mac lipsticks for Indian, Asian & Middle Eastern skintone. But honestly, most of the shades go well universally. 

I hope you like my choice of Favourite lipsticks!!! Which is your favourite lipstick from Mac???

Let me know in the comments section below.



My First Fab Bag!!!

For those of you who live in India and are into Makeup & Beauty, need no introduction about this Bag.

For those who are not unaware, Fab Bag, is a Beauty Subscription Box available online in India. I have been procrastinating about ordering it for so long! Finally this month I came across the May bag & just could not, not order. The Theme for the month was Travel!! The bag said, ‘When in Doubt, Travel’. It kinda is like my Life Mantra. I live by it!

I ordered the bag & it cost me around Rs 600/- (Indian).

I loved the products a lot & did think it was value for money.

In the video, you will find me unboxing the FAB BAG & doing a review on the same.

Daniel Wellington Watch!

I have been wanting to buy the Daniel Wellington Classic watch like forever!! I first saw it on Instagram, where it was very popular. I saw it & just fell in love with its simple minimalist look. I always like things that have a clear simple clean look.

On my way back from Zurich while waiting for my flight, I decided to just look through the various stores they have there. And I just saw it, finally! I simply had to get it! My mom got it for me as a present since I have been eyeing it for so long!

There are so many variations in the dial color & straps & the brand is definitely making some interesting additions to its collection. I am just in love with them all, but chose to stick to the original classic design.

You can check their official website to have a look at the entire collection here. I made a video un boxing my watch, which you can check out down below!

Till next time,


Best Mini Tripod to buy under 5$

I received my Mini Tripod from Amazon, YungTeng’s YT 228 yesterday in my mail. I had heard really good things about it from reviews & decided to give it a shot.

It is super affordable Rs 310 (Indian Rupees), compact & durable. It is made from plastic, but seems of a really great quality.

It is excellent to hold both mobile phones & dslr’s.

It comes with a free mobile clip holder.

Check out the Un boxing video below.

Starting my You Tube Channel!



Finally after watching You Tube like forever, & then wanting to start You Tube since stone age, I finally did it!

I shot my very first Video, edited it & just uploaded it all in 5 hours.

The end result might not be all professional, but I guess I will learn as I get into it.

I used my phone – Redmi Note 3 as the camera, used a selfie stick for holding the phone & a random box to hold the stick in place. The video turned out pretty well I guess.

To edit it, I used the very awesome Filmora software &  was pretty happy with the outcome!

I unboxed a Selfie Ring Light XJ- 01, which is pretty awesome. Eventually I will do a review on the same. For now, here is my first ever You Tube video.

Just keeping it simple. Do leave your comments in the section below to give me any feedback that you deem fit. Enjoy the video 🙂

– Arpita.


Dreams do come true!!

I am sitting here amongst travel bags, all set to take the Euro trip.

If I could go back in time & meet my younger self, I would give the younger A the biggest hug in the world & tell her that the dreams she dreamt are coming true. They really are. 

My In-Flight Hand Bag Essentials?

This year has officially become ‘My Year Of Travel’. I have had to take so many long flights over the past few months, that I have realized what things I most need with me on board.
This is the single most important thing for obvious reasons. Along with my passport I also like to keep a few copies of the same, just to be safe. I have a case for my passport, like the one in the image above, to keep it safe & also have some money in it, as emergency cash.
I have my money, Credit/Debit cards in my wallet. I prefer to have smaller wallets that don’t occupy much space and prefer the ones with a lot of card slots. My wallet is one thing that I generally don’t leave my house without.
I think the iPhone is a multi-utility device. I use it listen to music, make notes, edit photos and even read books on.I make sure I charge it completely before leaving for a long flight, since I use it so extensively. I also carry a power bank in case I need to charge my phone if it runs out of battery.
I always always have headphones on me, no matter if its a long flight or a 20 minutes journey. I normally use the ones that comes with iPhone but for flight I prefer to get better ones. It is especially useful if you have a noisy group of travelers with you, its helped me on several occasions.
I am an avid reader & prefer e-books to Paperbacks on Board. So kindle travels with me almost every time I am travelling, in-flight or otherwise.
As soon as I get comfortably settled in the flight, I prefer taking my shoes off, so Socks some in pretty handy.
Neck Pillow
For long flights this is a life saver or should I say Neck saver! instead of leaning in every direction & finding a perfect spot to rest your head, a neck pillow is always a better option.
It gets pretty chilly in the flight sometimes, so a scarf is a must have for me. It keeps me warm & I can use it to tie my hair up otherwise. It occupies lesser space as compared to a Jacket/Cardigan.
Facial Mist
The cool atmosphere at Airports & in the flight makes my skin really dry, so a facial mist is a must for me. It keeps my skin from drying out. Kiehl has a special In-flight refreshing facial mist. It is my personal favorite.
Lip balm
Again for because of the cool temperature inside the flight, for moisturizing my lips. I don’t really wear make up while travelling, I prefer letting my skin breathe. So its only lip balm that makes its way to my In-flight bag.
For blocking the sun-rays out, keeping my hair in place to shielding my tired eyes after a long flight. My shades do it all.
For capturing every beautiful moment, place forever.
These are my Travel essentials, I would love to hear about yours!
Happy travelling!